Shore excursions Information

Blue & Green Lake Caldera

Nesta excursão em terra visitaremos o lado oeste da ilha.

Fire Lake Caldera

This shore excursion will take you the middle section of the island.

Furnas Caldera

On this shore excursion you will be visiting the one of a kind Parish of...

Blue & Green and Fire Lake Calderas

On this shore excursion we will visit the main West and Central sites of São...

Furnas & Fire Lake Calderas

On this shore excursion you will be visiting the one of a kind Parish of...

Explore São Miguel with Amazing Tours

Amazing Tours wish you a pleasant experience over São Miguel Island, therefore we carefully tailored 5 Shore Excursions packages which are flexible to the different weather conditions and your available time. There for we recommend our shore excursion #1 and #2 for short stays, our shore excursion #3, #4 and #5 for longer stays and our shore excursion #4 “Furnas” for the foggy days.

We can do our shore excursion by car up to 4 passengers that will not be recommended for oversized people and by vans with the maximum capacity of 8 passengers equipped with AC and audio system. We also can organise our shore excursions by minibus or bus in case you have a larger group.

Our Shore Excursions begin at the Cruise Ship harbour as soon as you able to come out of the ship but not earlier than 08h00. The reason why we recommend starting earlier is to be ahead of the organised cruise ship bus excursions, this way we will avoid the crowds over the view points as well as arriving in Ponta Delgada on time as it is one of our company priorities to bring you back to the ship on time. That way you will also have some time to explore the city of Ponta Delgada which is about 15 minutes walking distance to the cruise ship.

Our shore excursions rates are per vehicle which, as we mentioned, can be cars up to 4 passengers or vans up to 8 passengers. To avoid any discomfort to you and your group (ex: unpleasant passenger) Amazing Tours will not have the responsibility to fill up the vehicle; it will be up to you to arrange a group to have a car or a van completely full, if you so wish. However, if Amazing Tours have requests from other cruise ship passengers for the same shore excursion that you wish to have, we can, with your permission, give your contact to them so this way you will be able to fill up your vehicle.

In case you wish to book one of our shore excursions, please send us an email with the following information: number of people in your party (adult/child); date of your arrival; cruise ship name; the shore excursion that you wish to book and any specific requirements.

Amazing Tours do not require any previous payment; you will only pay your shore excursion at the end of the trip, however, payment has to be done in cash only (Euros).
Amazing Tours reserves the right to ask for a pre-payment based on special circumstances.

Our Shore Excursions do not have lunch included.

Now, you are just one click away to make your reservation and ready to discover this DREAM ISLAND, considered by many THE MOST BEAUTIFUL ISLAND ON EARTH.
São Miguel Island can’t wait to WELCOME YOU!

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